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26 jan 2016 causal analysis in theory and practice · crossvalidated · data miners blog · dataists · deep learning · kdnuggets · machine learning newsactive data mining data science blogs kdnuggetshere are 85 or so active (recently updated) data mining data science and machine learning blogs. see also kdnuggets list of data mining and data science blogs. the blog by andrew eckford; the geomblog by suresh; the informationsuresh venkatasubramanian website blog.geomblog /. suresh venkatasubramanian is an indian computer scientist and professor at the university of "blogs on big data business analytics data mining and data science". kdnuggets. retrieved 13 april 2017.
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data mining blog .dataminingblog / this blog by sandro saitta a swiss national covers research issues recent applications important eventsuser suresh venkat theoretical computer science stack exchangetheorycs prof interested in algorithms computational geometry and data mining. 293. answers. 61. questions geomblog.blogspot . member for 9 years.suresh venkatasubramanian cs @ utah university of utah suresh/ geomblog. blog geomblog.blogspot in proceedings of the siam conference on data mining 2016. [c13] m. feldman s. friedler
jeff m phillips university of utah school of computing
algorithms for big data analytics geometric data analysis computational i used to occasionally post on geomblog including my experience in search forartificial intelligence blog ยท august 201230 aug 2012 decision stumps expert weighting text data mining and online learning (the code was from yale/weka). . geomblog.blogspot /explore the world of data a complete list of big data blogs18 jul 2014 this list contains almost all frequently updated big data blogs 10. ai data mining machine learning and other things 11. the geomblog
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24 jan 2019 deep data mining blog mostly focused on technical aspect of data mining by jay zhou. domino data lab . the geomblog by suresh. new.anand sarwate an ergodic walk8 jul 2019 differential privacy is a promising approach to privacy preserving data analysis. differential privacy provides strong worst guaranteesfactor analysis vs principal component analysis honglang wang's 21 nov 2014 it becomes the classical principal component analysis. actually we know that pca maximizes data variance captured by the low dimensional
suresh venkatasubramanian humanitarian law & policy blog
25 apr 2019 at the university of utah has a background in algorithms and computational geometry data mining and machine learning. geomblog.blogs on big data business analytics data mining and data sciencekdnuggets a leading site/blog on big data data science data mining . the geomblog by suresh; the guardian data blog data driven commentary ona course on fairness accountability and transparency19 ways data analysis empowered students and schools pages 21 26. black box decision making (and repairing it); data preprocessing techniques for classification without discrimination. fairness is maintained by geomblog.
privacy is dead but not because scott mcnealy said so. medium
11 jan 2015 while privacy as a research enterprise has been a major activity in all aspects of data analysis for very long time sweeney's work kicked off acsda (@autcsda) twitterusing data for social good; projects incl allegheny family screening tool pa usa. following the news that federal agencies like ice and the fbi are mining state databases without suresh venkatasubramanian @geomblog jul 29. more.a detailed introduction to k nearest neighbor (knn) algorithm 17 may 2010 it also might surprise many to know that knn is one of the top 10 data mining algorithms. lets see why this is the ! in this post i will talk
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thousands of data points mined from consumers' offline and online activities. big data scoring https//medium /@geomblog/when an algorithm isn t .data mining the ai & data science community of belgium1 jul 2016 posts about data mining written by philippe van impe. seer by venky rao. the geomblog by suresh; the official google analytics blog.
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